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Train to Busan (2016) movie review

September 21, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Train to Busan is a movie about zombie attack  in Korea. There is nothing special about the movie i.e. there is nothing in it that you have not seen yet. Just the premise has changed- Zombie attack takes place after a train leaves for Busan. How do the passengers fight off this attack is the story.
The drama in the movie is not well developed. Two main characters- one with a pregnant wife and another with a 4 year old daughter. Both male characters have some friction initially but then they become friends after one helps the other.
Music is average, action is average and so is acting. Being a zombie movie there is no blood bath in the entire movie i.e. baseball bats are used to kill zombies instead of swords or guns which would have given more gore and thrill.
If the same film had released at least 5 years before, it would have had more impact than it has now. So i would say, that from today’s standard, the movie is dull and non-impactful.

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