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What are some dressing hacks everyone should know?

What are some dressing hacks everyone should know? by Pankaj Agarwal

Answer by Pankaj Agarwal:

  1. If your jeans has not been washed for long and it smells.. you can put it in refrigerator overnight and next morning.. ta da.. its absolutely fine, feeling like washed. Everyone will think you are just cool (pun intended!)
  2. If your tie keeps coming out of the collar, especially from behind.. you can have a small button & loop placed inside the collar and wear your tie under it
  3. If you have trouble choosing what to wear every morning, try choosing it the night before. It will save you a good 15-20 mins in morning
  4. If you think your jeans goes loose after 3-4 days of wear and have no clue why.. just put it in wash. It will come back to being fit
  5. If you do not want to apply perfume (it being bad for skin), you can place flowers (or any fragrance you like) between your garments overnight. It will acquire the fragrance and no damage done to the skin
  6. Its not a dressing hack.. but a solution for blackheads.. put little bit of regular white toothpaste on a toothbrush and apply it on your nose / skin in a circular motion, very softly. Do it for 2-3 minutes and wash it off.. all the blackheads, including the toughest ones, will be gone
  7. You can use hair straightening machine to iron your shirt collar
  8. match your belt with color family of socks and shoes. so no brown belt with black shoes please
  9. When packing pair of socks in a suitcase, hold each pair together and roll it using the open end of one sock such that the fold takes the other sock inside the first. you will then have only round piece… no chance of losing one
  10. Apply cream / oil on semi dry skin (after shower). It gets absorbed better and lasts longer
  11. If those tiny things keep coming out from the side of your nail that cause pain when touching.. apply vaseline / cream on the nail instead of trying to cut it. They will become softer & the pain will go away
  12. Apply 2 clove oil drops on your body before sleeping. Mosquitoes will keep away and you will be fresh next morning
  13. Apply face pack just when you are about to sit on pot. By the time you are done with latter, face pack would have worked too. Save those crucial minutes in the morning
  14. Remove deo stains on clothes with baby wipes
  15. Put dry tea bags in smelly shoes to remove the odour

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What are some dressing hacks everyone should know?

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